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  • Urban Decay naked 3 palette

Urban Decay naked 3 palette Wholesale

MODEL:naked 3 palette

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maria United States 1 10.99 2020-02-15 23:11:18

Urban Decay naked 3 palette Reviews

Current Reviews: 24

Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: appleget mary
All the colors are wearable for any occasion! I find myself reaching for this palette the most because everything I need to create the prettiest nude eye is in this palette!
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: nisar jessica
The only word I can use is Amazing. It fits well with my skin. And for first time I can use all shades from the palette and they look just perfect on me.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: nisar ikran
It is definitely worth the money. All the colors go great together. You could go for a different look every day. The brush works great but if youre using any color besides the matte ones, ALWAYS WET THE BRUSH WITH WATER FIRST! Trust me it will change your whole outlook. The color glides on perfectly and looks amazing, NO FALLOUT! Great product all together.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: som lucia
I finally got my hands on this, and love it. Got mine and already used, love it. It is my 1st Naked and love it!
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: carcia brenna
I have been using and loving the Naked 2 palette for a while and was excited to get some new colors. The Naked 3 palette really compliments the other one. Gorgeous, shimmery colors in a cool package. Whats not to love!? I ordered online here for this purchase and it was my first time.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: willis sue
This is my first ever Urban Decay palette and I absolutely love it. The colors are all really great and if you have hazel or green eyes, these will really make your eyes pop. They blend really and feel really soft. Buzz and Blackheart are two stand out colors that look absolutely gorgeous.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: wood lisa
This is my absolute favorite UD color palette ever! I have about a dozen of their awesome color palettes and love them all, but Naked 3 slams it out of the park!
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: troy hossein
The Naked 3 palette is amazing. I love how easy the shadows are to apply and how long they last. No touch ups needed even after taking a nap.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: paravi stardust
LOVE this palette. Agree with the other reviewers that it is an excellent bridal palette - romantic, elegant, classy. The colors are beautiful and excellent pigment and wear.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: crawford
After owning uds first and second naked palettes, I wasnt sure if this palette was something I needed, but after making up my mind and giving it a try. I dont regret purchasing it, I absolutely love it!!!! Im so glad I have this palette....its a must have! for any girl loving the naked palettes line.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: unsworth john
I have all 3 Naked palettes
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: smith adriana
OMG!!! This is the most beautiful eyeshadow palette i ever seen in my life. This is gorgeous i have no words to describe this beautiful colors, ones you put them on you dont want to take it off. Lol. Now that i try this amazing palette i want to buy the naked 2. I really really recommend this naked 3 u will love it. Trust me.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: soares dilapin
I have never been an eye shadow girl, but ever since buying this product, I have been using different colors every day, and I have been getting compliments from friends and strangers on how good my eyes look!
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: yusuf sarah
This is my first naked palette and I am in LOVE! The slightly pink and rose tones of this particular palette set off my hazel-green eyes perfectly! They are highly pigmented and blend beautifully. I was skeptical about the "micro glitter" but even those are lovely and wearable and not too glittery.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: see thao
Hi guys when you order stuff here your got your order or not my ormore one month I not see anything from store if your know how do you do please let me know
Stars: stars_1_small.gif      Written by: Marilyn
I have a question for anyone that has purchased from this site. Did you guys receive a tracking number with your irder? And if so how soon after did you receive it?
Stars: stars_1_small.gif      Written by: Shalyyyyy
is this thing seriously real or is it fake?
Stars: stars_4_small.gif      Written by: Violeta
does the box look like the original box?
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: Saidah Chantelle
Ive been a fan of Urban Decays eyeshadows for quite some time. The texture, pigmentation, and overall quality are always so perfect. The only problem is Im very rarely in the mood to wear bright and/or glittery shadows. So as soon as I could, I picked up this palette. Its everything I wanted it to be.he colors are subtle and gorgeous. Previous reviews have stated that this palette is "boring." I think its the exact opposite. Obviously, if you like brighter colors, this may not be the ideal palette for you. But if youre like me and prefer a more natural eye, then this is absolute perfection!
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: London krista
Im not going to lie at first when I heard about this palette I really wasnt that interested in it at all. I already have both naked palette and didnt think this one was at all that special. But I was so wrong! I received this as a birthday gift and decided to try it out. I created my new favorite look using all 6 of the shadows and Im totally in love with it now. I created the perfect neutral smoky eye and this makes me very pleased with this product. I also love how this product is smaller than the other naked palette which makes it easier to fit in my makeup bag and doesnt take up much room at all. Urban Decay is still never failing to impress me.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: Victor Miranda
i was waiting for this pallete for so long. and i bought from here one weeks ago. today i get is so nice, looks the same as original. i love so much.... will come back to buy more
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: Rosalind smith
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Finally a naked with nude pinks/browns.
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: Bianca
Urban Decay just made a video CONFIRMING it up on their facebook! Go check it out!
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: Linda..s
Love Urban Decay !! Great makeup !!
Stars: stars_5_small.gif      Written by: Lori D.
Oh, My God! Come So fast!
Product Name: Urban Decay naked 3 palette wholesale Reviews
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Q:Is Urban Decay naked 3 palette authentic, genuine, original, real, or fake, replica?
A:Replica and high qualiy.

Q:Why Urban Decay naked 3 palette is so cheap?
A:Directly from the factory.

Q:Is it free shipping?
A:The shipping cost of under $160 CAD is $40. More and more Canadians like to buy mac cosmetics, so it is good opportunity to wholesale mac makeup to sale in Canada for cosmetic agent.

Q:Do the product like the picture?
A:You will 100% receive what you see in picture.

Q:How should i do if the goods are broken in transi
A:We will make up for you in your next order?

Q:Do you offer discounts on bulk sale?
A:Yes, please contact us.

Q:What is your best price for this item?
A:Buy more, more discounts. top
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